Lice Treatment

Scientific research in the fight against pediculosis has highlighted the effectiveness of innovative, oil-based agents such as dimethicone, essential oils of thyme, rosemary, anise and tea tree, which are safe and completely non-toxic. The formulations of our PIDOX anti-lice products, rich in these ingredients and free from pesticides and parasiticides, eliminate the problem of lice by harnessing the mechanical and repellent action of the oils, which immobilize and suffocate unwanted guests while respecting the health and delicate skin of children.

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Two-phase anti-lice treatment system. Without insecticides,...


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Specific active treatment to stop head lice and nits with a mechanical...

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Instant conditioner for daily protection. It immediately untangles and...

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A delicate and specific frequent-use shampoo which creates a hostile...

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Anti-lice pediculosis products

Our PIDOX treatment includes a fluid and a shampoo, both based on natural extracts and gentle cleansers but completely free from chemical parasiticides and insecticides. These anti-lice products have a scientifically proven soothing and anti-itch function, which harnesses the repellent properties of dimethicone, essential oils and tea tree oil: natural ingredients able to combat pediculosis and remove parasites while respecting children’s scalps. The hair lice treatment can be accompanied by the use of a comb suitable for removing nits anchored to the hair and other specific products for pediculosis: the gel and the anti-lice detangler can also be very effective as a preventive measure during periods of infestation.

Hairmed anti-lice products: a valuable ally

Although school-age children are most prone to pediculosis, it is an issue that many of us have had to deal with in our lifetimes. Bothersome and intrusive like few other parasites, lice pass from head to head with extreme ease and have a remarkably high rate of proliferation: it is estimated that each female organism can lay between 7 and 10 eggs a day. Once it has taken hold, pediculosis can cause intense itching, bite marks and scratching, and sometimes localised swelling of the lymph nodes. Easy to recognise and treat, thanks to our HAIR CARE PIDOX anti-lice products it is possible to relieve and treat the symptoms of pediculosis and to suffocate and eradicate parasites using a completely natural method.

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