Detoxifying and anti-pollution treatment

Hyperhidrosis can manifest itself as excessive perspiration from the sweat glands of the scalp, causing itchiness, greasy hair and an unpleasant odour. Our products for hyperhidrosis of the scalp, with extracts of Moringa Oleifera, not only gently cleanse the scalp in a sustained way, leaving a pleasant smell and a lasting sensation of freshness, but also promote hair growth, eliminating troublesome oily dandruff.

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Products for hyperhidrosis of the scalp: a valuable aid

The human body regulates its temperature through certain mechanisms: shivering controls cold and sweating controls heat. In summer or during exercise, the body temperature increases and consequently so does sweating. However, there are cases in which the normal functioning of the sweat glands is disturbed so that they produce more sweat than necessary, contributing to a disorder known as hyperhidrosis. Products for hyperhidrosis of the scalp counteract and alleviate the discomfort caused by the symptoms of this disorder: itchiness, greasy hair, redness and unpleasant odour. Even if these symptoms are often misinterpreted as signs of oily seborrhoea, they benefit from the positive effects of Moringa and the cleansing action of our B11 shampoo.

The effects of products for treating scalp perspiration

HAIR CARE hyperhidrosis treatment by HAIRMED includes two products – B11 shampoo and DB pre-shampoo – which are based on natural extracts and gentle cleansing agents that counteract the consequences of excessive perspiration and leave a pleasantly fresh sensation. The natural extract of Moringa Oleifera helps to refresh and protect the inflamed scalp, thanks to its purifying and protective antioxidant properties, while the degreasing and nourishing action of the shampoo and lotion help to eliminate oily dandruff and promote hair growth. The hyperhidrosis treatment has a targeted use in the treatment of certain specific disorders, but is also effective for those who practise sport regularly or live in highly polluted environments.

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