Anti-Itch Treatment

Itching can cause considerable irritation and can provoke stress and embarrassment, forcing those who suffer from it to constantly scratch to try to get relief. HAIRMED ZERO products for itchy scalps, with extracts of bisabolol, zanthoxylum alatum and almond oil, relieve unpleasant itching sensations and prevent potential damage from scratching: a pre-shampoo, shampoo and anti-itching lotion with fast and refreshing results.

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An anti-itch treatment composed of three products for a system which calms itchiness of sensitive scalps, reduces reddening and soothes irritation. With extracts of bisabolol, zanthoxylum alatum and almond oil.

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When to use itchy scalp products

Always irritating and uncomfortable, itching of the scalp can have numerous triggers, which are not always easy to pinpoint. The most common type has its origins in the disruption of the scalp’s natural equilibrium: atypical seborrhoeic and contact dermatitis, psoriasis and inflammation, such as folliculitis, can all cause problems of desquamation that provoke itchiness. Not always accompanied by other skin disorders, itching can also result from the use of aggressive shampoos and chemical treatments that irritate the scalp and destroy its protective layer, making it sensitive and vulnerable. While the itchy scalp products in the HAIR CARE line of treatments are not designed to treat the numerous causes that can prompt itching, they offer immediate and lasting relief and prevent any worsening of the situation.

The soothing effects of itchy scalp products

When you suffer from intense itching, the instinctive reaction leads to compulsive scratching to quell the annoying sensation. However, if you scratch for too long and too furiously, the risk of the affected area becoming inflamed and of sores developing increases exponentially. HAIRMED products for itchy scalps reduce the discomfort and trauma of scratching, as well as providing a calming, soothing and anti-reddening effect. The anti-itch treatment offers gentle cleansing of stressed and sensitive areas, nourishes the scalp with almond oil and generates a “freshness” effect thanks to mint derivatives. Also suitable in normal situations and in the absence of specific skin complaints, it immediately relieves itching and gives a feeling of wellbeing to the entire scalp.