Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Under normal circumstances, the outer cells of the skin flake off and disperse into the environment without leaving a trace and are in turn replaced by new cells, through a process known as “cellular turnover”. When this turnover is disrupted, the cell production cycle becomes accelerated, resulting in an accumulation of flaking cells, an abnormal proliferation of microbial flora and the appearance of oily or dry dandruff. HAIRMED effectively addresses the problem of flakiness, with anti-dandruff products and specially formulated active ingredients with a cleansing and regulating action.

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Anti-dandruff products: the benefits for your scalp

Dandruff is a nuisance that can affect anyone, regardless of age and personal hygiene. There can be numerous causes at the root of this problem, including poor nutrition, a stressful lifestyle and natural dryness of the scalp, as well as the excessive activity of the malassezia furfur fungus. HAIRMED anti-dandruff products, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, are key to the treatment and prevention of symptoms. When used correctly, anti-dandruff products slow down the desquamation cycle, relieve itching and rid clogged follicles of impurities, protecting the scalp.

How to use the anti-dandruff products

For oily or dry dandruff, or for the discomfort of dermatitis or psoriasis, HAIRMED anti-dandruff products guarantee a soothing and therapeutic effect, owing to the presence of active ingredients and plant-based cleansers that are able to counteract and prevent flaking. For an anti-dandruff treatment to be effective and give optimal results, the products need to be applied in sequence: massaging the pre-shampoo onto the damp head prepares it for the application of the subsequent products. The SLES-free shampoo then ensures gentle cleansing and the removal of excess flakes, before the anti-microbial and anti-oxidant lotion can perform its nourishing and healing function.

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