Anti-Hair-Loss Treatment

Every day, under normal conditions, 50 to 80 hairs reach the end of their life cycle and fall out, to be replaced by other hairs that are beginning a new cycle. When falling hair becomes more noticeable, it may be time to take appropriate action. HAIRMED anti-hair loss products deal with the problem by following the three-step method (Dermopurification, Eudermic Bath and Lotion) and, in cases where the hair loss is accompanied by other irritations linked to sebum, dandruff, dry skin and itching, they offer targeted solutions: synergies.

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The hairmed anti-hair loss kit

HAIRMED anti-hair loss products are selected and assembled in kits of 3 items, designed for targeted treatment. The products comprise a pre-shampoo, a shampoo and a biolotion, all based on essential oils and natural extracts, elements that stimulate and cleanse the scalp to restore the fertility of the hair bulbs and to remove any obstacles to hair growth. The anti-hair loss products for both men and women should be applied in the correct order, to maximise their performance and to achieve the best results. The first step is to apply and massage the pre-shampoo to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and to oxygenate the hair bulbs, before moving on to the vascularising shampoo. The last product to apply is the biolotion, which nourishes the scalp and generates long-lasting stimulation to enable fast regrowth.

When to use anti-hair loss products

The anti-hair loss products in the HAIR CARE line combat weakened, thinning and falling hair. Hair loss does not, in fact, necessarily depend on genetic or age-related factors, but can also occur in conjunction with other complaints that may affect the skin. For example, the hair shafts can easily weaken due to irritation or imbalances in the pH of the scalp, seborrhoea, hyperhidrosis, dandruff, in the presence of itching and dermatitis, or due to other external factors. One of the most common cases of lack of hair regrowth that can affect anyone, regardless of sex, is the obstruction of the follicle by excess sebum or flakes. Anti-hair loss products for women and men, combined with a targeted treatment of the condition causing the obstruction, solve the problem quickly and effectively.

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