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Three essential products for the moisturising and managing of dry hair...

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Innovative products for dry and frizzy hair

Who hasn’t experienced dehydrated, dry and brittle hair? This problem is more widespread than you might think and can occur for the most varied of reasons: hair can deteriorate due to atmospheric conditions, bad shampooing methods or the chemical treatments we subject them to. The result of exposure to these processes is frizzy, coarse hair with no trace of shine or elasticity. Unlike other dedicated items on the market that only temporarily “get around” the problem, HAIRMED hair moisturising products restore the fibres’ natural ability to retain water, activating a substantial and not merely superficial renewal process.

Products for dry hair with a winning formula

Dry hair requires radical and complete restructuring, because its porous nature causes it to attract air molecules, and consequently to become frizzier. Our products for frizzy and dry hair act over time and stimulate a high-quality and long-lasting moisturising reconstructive effect: each application protects the hair for 3 weeks against potential light and heat damage and reactivates the hair fibres’ innate ability to retain water. The secret of HAIRMED hair moisturising products lies in their new generation formula, the result of research and experimentation; active ingredients and natural constituent agents such as cystine, collagen and keratin are an invaluable resource in all our premium products for dry hair.

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