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Why choose a professional keratin treatment

Treating yourself to our fragile hair treatment means taking good care of yourself and exercising a smoothing, filling, protective and repairing action on your hair. HAIRMED keratin reconstructive products are capable of bringing countless benefits to your hair, thanks to their innovative formulations rich in nourishing elements: keratin, collagen, minerals and essential ingredients all have a positive effect on the hair fibre, restoring body, elasticity and shine. Our keratin products for hair repair seal split ends and eliminate the problem of frizz, restoring fresh and shiny hair. All with a high content of proteins and essential trace elements, and with cross-link technology, our keratin products have an efficacy that has been guaranteed and certified by the Dermocenter Foundation, in the faculty of Engineering at the University of Modena - PM Science and Technology Park for Medicine of Mirandola (MO).

The advantages of buying a keratin hair treatment online

Buying a fragile hair treatment online is as convenient as it is simple, thanks also to the ease with which the products can be applied. To reintegrate all the essential components within and on the surface of the hair fibres, by way of cross-link technology, simply follow 3 steps:

  • PREPARATION: to prepare the hair for the treatment it is necessary to cleanse and massage it with the appropriate shampoo, for fine or thick hair. Accordingly, the action of the fluid will be enhanced and the hair will begin to gain volume and definition.
  • TREATMENT: gently distribute and leave the R3 reconstructing agent to work, in order to allow the fibres to absorb the repairing and volumising substances.
  • INTEGRATION: apply the most suitable restructuring mask for incorporating the essential elements and the conditioning and taming agents.

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