Straight Hair

For those who love the perfection of straight lines, for those who love to caress soft silk, free from waves or ripples. HAIRMED hair straightening products transform any irregularities into a perfect and immaculate head of hair, to be sculpted and shaped just how you want it. Shampoos, masks and conditioner for thick or fine hair, to ensure straight hair and a flawless look.

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All the benefits of a product for straight hair

The incredible sensation of caressing the softness, of letting silky hair glide between your fingers and watching it fall softly and then return neatly to its rightful place. Straight hair is a blessing for some, a mirage for others, difficult to attain for those forced to use a hair dryer and straighteners to get it. Products for straight hair help the fibres stay straight and keep irregularities, frizz and waves at bay: they can be used to create shapes, to give a natural shine to the hair and to get ultra-straight and compact hair. As well as having highly effective cosmetic and stylistic performance, our straight hair products also have a restructuring and healing effect on the hair, improving the condition of frizzy and rough hair, regulating and reviving volume and rehydrating the hair fibres.

Products for all types of straight hair

The shape and natural thickness of hair do not occur at random, but depend on genetic and physiological factors. More precisely, smooth hair comes out of the follicle vertically, without deviations or obstructions, and has a perfectly round horizontal section. Obviously, not all hair types can boast these characteristics and, even if the hair shaft appears straight and smooth, the volume and consistency can be far from ideal smooth hair. HAIRMED has formulated various hair straightening treatments for every hair type: for short, long, voluminous, natural, shapeable and ultra-flat hair.

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