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Wavy Hair

Soft and fluffy, rebellious and untamed, wavy hair has the power to fascinate and captivate: the elegant and voluptuous spirals of ringlets draw unique, eye-catching shapes. HAIRMED hair products for wavy hair are designed to enhance waviness and sculpt different shapes and hairstyles, depending on the type of hair and desired results. Perfect, healthy curls.

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Volumizing treatment for long wavy hair (waves of between three and five on the curl scale), it increases the expansion of the natural wave and valorises the three-dimensional aspect of the hairstyle, for a natural and light look with infinite waves and ample volume.

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Treating wavy hair: how to take care of the waves

Wavy hair is rebellious and unpredictable by nature, but if neglected it can spiral into a hairstyle that is completely out of control. There are countless factors that affect the condition of ringlets and curls: humidity, excessive shampooing, unsuitable drying methods or a bad hairstyle. HAIRMED treatments for wavy hair remedy the damage caused by bad styling habits and restore balance by nourishing and restructuring the fibres of those damaged and crumpled hairstyles. As well as exerting a “healing” influence, wavy hair products improve the appearance, volume and combability of curls, becoming valuable allies when styling and finishing your hair. Indeed the products for wavy hair selected in our treatment help to manage and enhance even the most untameable hair, especially when creating and fixing your hairstyle.

Which wave are you? All types of wavy hair

Before choosing a treatment for wavy hair it is essential to understand what type of hair you are dealing with and what the natural wave shape is. Indeed, uneven hair is not at all easy to manage, and our products for wavy hair are designed to give targeted and specific results. For example, treating and sculpting short curls is different from styling long curls, just as there is considerable variation in the treatment of fine curls and gently wavy hair. An important step to take before choosing a wavy hair treatment is to recognise your wave: the curl’s decimal scale is a very useful tool in these cases, to choose the right treatment and obtain the best possible effect.