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Curly Hair

Natural and soft, defined and strong, light and natural: the world of the curl is eclectic in terms of shapes and volumes. The curly hair products in our “Forma” line respond to every need and can be combined for an enhanced effect. They improve the hold and waviness of a natural or strong curly hairstyle, reducing the problem of frizz. They are suitable for both small and large curls.

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Professional products for curly hair: a valuable ally

An expression of style and personality, curly hair is a precious, yet challenging resource to manage. Obtaining the desired curl shape and volume is a demanding process, which requires a little patience, the right products and a few tricks. Curly hair has a natural tendency to be rebellious: there are those who complain about frizzy, brittle hair; those who complain about their undefined curls; and those who find them flat and heavy, even after shampooing. HAIRMED professional products for curly hair are subdivided according to the type of curl to be treated and are arranged in a “treatment” format to guarantee a 100% complete and effective result. By choosing the most suitable treatment for your hair, you can completely reconstruct the curl, nourish it with the right amount of keratin, soften it and make it combable and flexible.

Not just an anti-frizz treatment for curly hair

The main problem that affects those with curly hair is the consistency of the hair fibres: difficult to comb and out of control, if left untreated curly hair becomes frizzy in the blink of an eye. There are countless underlying causes of this problem and it is not always our own fault: environmental conditions and humidity play a key role, as well as inappropriate washing and drying techniques. HAIRMED products have a proven effectiveness as an anti-frizz treatment for curly hair: they create volume, make the hair soft and clearly define curls.