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HAIRMED professional hair care products are designed to offer a soothing remedy to the discomfort of various conditions that commonly affect the scalp, such as dandruff or itching. Most of our Hair Care products consist of triple-action targeted treatments; that is, they are composed of 3 items that work on the hair problem in 3 different stages: cleansing, treating and integrating. The pre-shampoo, shampoo and lotion are in fact applied at separate times and following different procedures: the pre-shampoo first of all acts by way of the essential oils, clears the follicles and prepares the skin for the absorption of the active ingredients, before the shampoo cleanses the hair and starts the actual treatment. Once the scalp is ready and prepared, the treatment concludes with the last of the hair care products, which is the lotion: the plant extracts act in the most effective way and are absorbed directly by the scalp.

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Price €55.74

In order to reduce the problem of oily hair, HAIRMED proposes a three-stage treatment which gradually restores balance to the scalp.


Price €55.74

A three-stage treatment to combat hair loss in the case of a healthy scalp and intense loss. Maximum efficiency thanks to a preliminary cleansing of the skin surface. Natural ingredients (essential oils and extracts) which stimulate and energise.


Price €62.30

Hair-loss is often tied to an unhealthy scalp. Synergy balance is the anti-hair-loss treatment recommended in the case of hair-loss and oily dandruff. It favours the growth of strong and healthy hair, regulating sebum and dandruff and improving bulb oxygenation.

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Price €57.30 Regular price €62.30

Synergy PURITY is the anti-hair-loss treatment recommended in the case of hair-loss and dry dandruff. In fact, hair loss can be caused by an unhealthy scalp, which compromises the growth of strong and healthy hair. The purity treatment combats hair loss, reducing the phenomenon of dry dandruff...

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Price €62.30

Synergy Lightness contrasts hair loss caused by imbalances in the scalp. In particular, it intervenes in cases of oily hair and hair-loss, freeing the follicles of sebum, allowing the hair to grow strong and healthy, improving the oxygenation and the tone of the skin.

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Price €62.30

A three-phase system, it removes the sebum and flakes of dandruff with an anti-bacterial and cleansing action, favouring the balance and the well-being of the scalp afflicted with oily dandruff.


Price €62.30

Three-phase anti-dry dandruff treatment with a cleansing and antibacterial action. Specifically for combating the formation of dry dandruff and the proliferation of the micro-organisms responsible for the alteration of cellular turnover.


Price €50.46 Regular price €52.46

An anti-itch treatment composed of three products for a system which calms itchiness of sensitive scalps, reduces reddening and soothes irritation. With extracts of bisabolol, zanthoxylum alatum and almond oil.

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Price €26.92 Regular price €29.92

Two-phase anti-lice treatment system. Without insecticides, parasiticides, SLES or PARABENS. Thanks to the specific action of its components, strengthened by essential oils, it eliminates unwelcome guests and helps to keep them away!

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Price €23.41 Regular price €25.41

Worry-free holidays with your best friends, with the protection of PIDOX shampoo and detangling conditioner. Non-toxic and enriched with essential oils, PIDOX products create a hostile environment against lice infestation.

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Price €61.03 Regular price €68.03

Scalp psoriasis appears as reddish patches covered with compact groups of white-silver flakes. Often the aesthetic inconvenience is accompanied by an irritating itchiness. Treatment for scalp psoriasis reduces the reddening, the flaking and the itchiness, favouring the natural balance.

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Price €26.23

Refreshing and protective treatment for sweaty scalps. With depurative extracts of Moringa Oleifera, it provides long-lasting cleansing and protection for the hair and skin. Scalp hyperhidrosis leaves a bad odour on the hair which is typical of excessive sweating. This is why Moringa Oleifera is...

Triple-action targeted professional hair care products

“A good start is half the battle”. Why spend hours and hours doing your hair, applying conditioners and lotions and focusing attention on your hair, if you neglect the care of your scalp? The health of the hair does in fact depend very much on the wellbeing of the scalp: sebum production, root tightness and firmness of the hair shaft are factors that are barely influenced by products designed to act exclusively on the hair. HAIRMED hair care products exert a therapeutic and active influence directly on the scalp, soothing discomfort and improving the overall wellbeing of your entire head of hair.

Hair care products for specific needs

IThe scalp can be subject to irritation and discomfort, as well as displaying visible symptoms of various conditions. HAIRMED targeted hair care products gently treat and cleanse the hair and scalp and are a valuable tool in combatting the troublesome consequences of the most common complaints, as well as stimulating a preventive and rebalancing process. Anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss, for oily hair, anti-itch, anti-lice, for hyperhidrosis and psoriasis: HAIRMED hair care products soothe and protect your head of hair, making it beautiful and healthy.