The MYCLEANMED line of sanitising products reflects the HAIRMED philosophy of “wellbeing and protection”. MYCLEANMED sanitising detergents easily remove dirt and bacteria from organic and inorganic surfaces, enhancing your daily protection. These sanitising products have a special formula and a physiological pH, which respects the skin while guaranteeing absolute sanitising effectiveness.

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Price €9.84

Hygienizing hand-wash gel no rinse, ensures accurate hygiene of the hands, keeping the hands moisturised thanks to an effective balanced formula.

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  • 100 ml €3.28
  • 500 ml €9.84
  • 5 liters €40.98


Price €9.02

Hygienizing gel with chlorhexidine and tea tree essential oil to ensure accurate hygiene of the hands. The hygienizing hand-wash gel is a special non-soapy soapy formula, produces minimal amounts of foam and does not require excessive rinsing. Allergen-free formula, delicate fragrance and...

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  • 500 ml €9.02


Price €7.38

Multipurpose hygienizing and cleaning spray indicated for the cleaning and hygiene of surfaces, objects and professional working tools. Contains denatured ethyl alcohol (70%). Quick, effective and safe hygiene. No need to rinse

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  • 250 ml €7.38
  • 500 ml €10.66

MYCLEANMED: More than just sanitising products

HAIRMED has developed a line of sanitising products, for the hands and for surfaces, with balanced and effective formulas. MYCLEANMED cleaning products produce a minimal amount of foam and are allergen-free, meaning that they can also be used by those with particular needs. With their delicate and pleasant fragrance, the sanitising gels never require rinsing, so they can be used whenever and wherever they are needed, irrespective of the presence of a water supply. In contrast to the numerous other products on the market, MYCLEANMED sanitisers have a physiological pH and a moisturising effect, so they do not irritate the skin, even with frequent use.

Protect your everyday life with hairmed sanitising products

The products in the MYCLEANMED line guarantee optimal hygiene and total protection, both at home and while out and about, in total respect of preventive health measures. The hand gel is small in size, lightweight and practical to carry and does not require rinsing after use: ideal when travelling for work, as well as for last-minute prevention. The “hand detergent”, on the other hand, contains a greater volume of sanitising liquid and is equipped with a practical pump-action dispenser, invaluable at home or in the office. For complete hygiene, we recommend supplementing our hand and skincare products with our cleaning spray for objects and surfaces.