Keratin Fluids

Hair is mainly composed of keratin, a protein that also contributes to the formation of body hair and nails. HAIRMED keratin products for dry and fragile hair have the effect of rebuilding the hair shaft, repairing, nourishing and looking after the hair from the outside in. Our keratin fluids, which are also rich in essential amino acids, are particularly effective in cases of damaged and thinning hair.

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The R3 keratin treatment by HAIRMED integrates and repairs the structure...

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R4 keratin re-building fluid carries out a deep-set action, eliminating...

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Restructuring keratin for hair online

Hair can become damaged and lose its strength and structure for various reasons – from the aggressive treatments we subject it to, to the stress we undergo during the most demanding periods of the year – but it is unable to regenerate on its own. Professional keratin hair products, such as the HAIRMED fluids, provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to heal and regain its shine and volume. The keratin, collagen and cystine content of our keratin hair products enables them to thoroughly rehydrate the hair and restore its lost shine, but above all to make it as elastic and flexible as it once was. The HAIRMED hair reconstruction fillers, R3 and R4, act in different and complementary contexts: the first treats thickness, capillary fragility and split ends; the second helps with the hair’s ability to retain water and protects it from heat.

Use keratin hair products to your advantage

As with other HAIRMED hair reconstruction products, our online keratin hair products have repairing and rehydrating properties, to restore and invigorate worn-out hair shafts and solve the troublesome problem of split ends. Keratin hair products have a targeted function, but when used in combination with other items in the HAIRMED range, they become an integral part of a complete hair reconstruction treatment. Always useful for those who want to take good care of their hair, these products are particularly suitable for fragile, dry and dull hair.

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