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Hair Conditioner

A series of emollient and nourishing professional hair conditioners, which are able to produce visible results in a short space of time. Effective after just a few uses, HAIRMED hair conditioners improve the smoothness of the hair, giving shine to the hair shaft and protecting it with a waterproof layer. Hair is left hydrated, combable and visibly shinier.

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All the hairmed conditioners, for every type of treatment

The 6 hair conditioners developed by HAIRMED are effective in various situations and are applied differently depending on the type of product. The rinse-out conditioners have an oily consistency and a smoothing effect. These conditioners do not necessarily need to be left on for long, but always require a thorough rinse before application in order to act most effectively on the hair fibres, nourishing them and enriching them with minerals. The leave-in conditioners, on the other hand, which are quick to apply and are formulated with numerous active ingredients, do not require rinsing before application: they do not weigh the hair down, and act quickly and at surface level to give you shiny, protected hair straight away. HAIRMED conditioners are a useful aid in various cases of fragile or damaged hair, from dryness to cosmetic dying or natural aging.

Quick-action conditioners online

The HAIRMED hair conditioners available in our online shop have a strengthening and restructuring effect on the hair. Their application is quick and easy: just rinse with warm water, massage a dollop of conditioner into the hair, without working it into the scalp, and leave it on for a few minutes. Conditioner-treated hair immediately appears shinier and much more combable. Our conditioners promote a detangling and softening effect immediately after use, acting directly on the hair shaft, improving its shine and making it smoother without weighing it down.