HAIRMED has designed 13 different types of professional hair shampoo for all your wellness and cosmetic requirements. All of the HAIRMED professional shampoos are silicone-free and contain various ingredients that actively work on the hair shaft and scalp, from plant and mineral extracts to proteins and vitamins. The shampoos you can find at HAIRMED use plant-based cleansing agents and natural fragrances, and are designed to be effective even in situations that require a dedicated and professional product: from itchy scalps to excessive sebum production; from dryness of the hair shaft to hair loss.

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Price €17.00

Thanks to its cleansing bases of vegetable origin derived from renewable sources, it is a delicate silicone-free shampoo which cleans and nourishes the scalp and hair. Rich with collagen and moisturising agents which supplement and nourish the structure of dry or treated hair, leaving it soft and...

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Price €18.00

Argan, macadamia and jojoba shampoo, without Sles and Parabens, that gently cleanses with washing bases from vegetable and renewable sources, enlightening the hair. Slightly acidic, it ensures bright and shiny hair even after color.

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  • 100 ml €9.00
  • 200 ml €18.00
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Certified professional shampoos

HAIRMED products are professional shampoos with a dermatologically tested and non-damaging formula, certified for excellent skin tolerability. When you buy a HAIRMED shampoo online you are guaranteed to have chosen a silicone-free and paraben-free product, with beneficial effects on the skin: formulated with an optimal combination of secondary amphoteric surfactants and betaine, each HAIRMED professional shampoo is 150 times better tolerated by the skin, meets high ethical and quality standards and relies on a guaranteed formula, free from harmful ingredients, as evidenced by our SLES-FREE, PARABEN-FREE and CRUELTY-FREE certifications.

Shampoos in our online shop: products for every type of hair

One of the most common products, used on a daily basis and therefore deserving close attention: shampoo has the ability to affect the health of the hair shaft and alter the balance and pH of the scalp. Accordingly, it is essential to choose one that best suits your needs. The numerous types of professional shampoo offered by HAIRMED are aimed at all those who want made-to-measure solutions, to take care of their hair in the best possible way and without taking any risks.