HAIRMED pre-shampoo packs are oil-based cleansing treatments dedicated to scalp care. The hair’s wellbeing stems from the roots and the scalp and, accordingly, rebalancing dermo-purifiers made from castor oil and olive oil are key to a full and healthy head of hair.

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Triple action pre-shampoo

To be applied gently before washing to pre-hydrate the skin, these treatments are genuine, targeted pre-shampoos. The pre-shampoos are oil-based formulations, which have a distinctive action in comparison with ordinary shampoos: they nourish and moisturise the scalp by means of the oleaginous components they contain, oxygenate it and with a simple massage unclog the follicles by removing dirt and sebum. When using a castor oil-based formula, these products can also be applied to the scalp as a pre-shampoo pack, with a calming and rebalancing effect, especially in cases of irritation and itching.

Pre-shampoo packs: for every type of scalp

We created our selection of HAIRMED products for our pre-shampoo packs with a view to offering a range of items that would be effective in the treatment and prevention of the most common disorders. Our research centre has created pre-shampoo masks with a degreasing action, rebalancing solutions for a dry scalp, anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff packs rich in essential oils, and specially formulated cleansing products for sensitive scalps. The pre-shampoo packs can also have a soothing and relaxing function, as in the cases of Z1 and DB: apply these gently to the scalp using the special nozzle, massage the head in slow, gentle movements and let the product generate a stress-relieving effect. Whichever pre-shampoo hair mask you choose, you can combine it with the type of shampoo you normally use, without any risk of the two products reacting with each other.